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Love Under a Dark Sky and other books by Shellie Foltz can be purchased from Amazon; Barnes & Noble; Avalon Books; and other online booksellers.  NOTE:  AS OF JUNE 14, 2012 AMAZON IS OFFERING NEW COPIES OF THE HARD BACK EDITION OF LOVE UNDER A DARK SKY FOR ONLY $11.08, LESS THAN HALF THE COVER PRICE.

Praise for Love under a Dark Sky

from Publishers Weekly 

Love Under a Dark Sky

Shellie Foltz. Avalon, $23.95 (192p) ISBN 978-0-8034-7658-5

Foltz (No Penalty for Love) whips up a chaste, bite-sized confection, the pleasant courtship of two sincerely nice people wholeheartedly supported by their family and friends. Daniel Arbeitman, a young science fiction author and University of Minnesota golden boy, pursues Willa Sloan, a 38-year-old fan of pie and Jane Austen, after the failure of Willa’s organic oat business drives her to a temporary job promoting Daniel’s books while dressed as the heroine of his novels. Willa’s integrity inspires Daniel’s new novel, and when Daniel reminds Willa that “Whatever decision you make, you’re taking a chance,” she takes a chance on love. Unchallenging but adorable, this book is best accompanied by a bubble bath and a box of cookies. (Sept.)

Reviewed on: 07/18/2011

from Romance Reviews Today

Avalon Books            ISBN: 978-0-8034-9975-1   June 2011      Contemporary Romance

Minnesota – Present Day

After a day spent in the tight fitting catsuit of Zareth Umblat, the feminist heroine in a popular sci-fi series, Willa Sloan has met some interesting characters at the sci-fi convention, but Daniel Arbeitman is a bit more persistent.  The young and somewhat nerdy man actually makes her blush with compliments, though.  When she later runs into him at the bookstore, she doesn’t recognize him until he’s left, and then Willa learns that he’s the author of the Zareth series.  While typically a fan of classic literature, Willa decides to buy the Zareth book, and finds herself intrigued with both the story and the man.  Then she runs into him a third time while working in her new temp job at the university, and is even more taken with Daniel.  He offers Willa something that has been a little lacking in her life lately…fun.

LOVE UNDER A DARK SKY is a fun and entertaining romance.  The almost ten year age difference between Willa and Daniel is barely an obstacle when she considers that she deserves a little fun in her life right now.  Willa’s been working temp jobs since shutting down her business a few months earlier, and while not ideal, she’s learning a lot from the jobs.  Told entirely through Willa’s point of view, we don’t get a lot of insight into Daniel, but the story is as much about Willa’s finding a new path in life as it is about the romance brewing between the couple.  A sweet and engaging tale, look for LOVE UNDER A DARK SKY.

Jennifer Bishop

Romance Reviews Today

from Library Journal

“VERDICT Funny and sweet, this touching older woman/younger man story with an insightful, philosophical bent touches on real-life dilemmas and is as engaging as it is heartwarming. A delightful, refreshing read.”

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No Penalty for Love (Avalon Books)


Publication Date: October 24, 2009 from Avalon Romance

Patricia Smythe’s life is as orderly as her grade book until Josh Northshore, the handsome hockey player and older brother of her student Abel, shows up with an interesting proposition. Agreeing to accompany the hockey team over Christmas break to help Abel earn back his credit to graduate is a crazy idea, but the story of the brothers’ sad past convinces her it’s the right thing to do. Patricia privately acknowledges her appreciation of Josh’s handsome form, but his attentions are making it increasingly difficult to focus on schoolwork. While Abel studies Tennyson, Patricia studies ‘A Girl’s Guide to Hockey’ and celebrates the holidays with all the romances and sentimentality they inspire. But will love be enough to win out over Josh’s painful past?



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