“Romance is for everyone. It is born in the mind which is open to experiencing beauty and love. A romantic person is one who recognizes and appreciates subtleties; encourages and admires creation; and chooses to be vulnerable without forfeiting strength or personhood.”  This is the tagline I gave to my first-ever blog, Life as a Great romance.  In revisiting it recently as I prepared for an upcoming speaking engagement, I how far I’ve come in some ways and, probably more importantly, some places I’d like to return to.  Gee, I hope you can go home again!

Interested in reading some of my earliest online writings?  Visit Life As a Great Romance today and read such fascinating posts as: Lilacs and Lake Superior; Silly (Not Dirty) Dancing; Holding Hands; Don’t Let it Pass Unnoticed; and You Know He Loves You When.  Enjoy!