Last night I had the privilege of attending Stained Glass Theatre‘s corporate prayer meeting.  Before we began, a gentleman prayed that we would lay down our days and come to God with empty hands.  That touched me very deeply.  I am so used to thinking in terms of “offering God my best” and filling my hours with so-called worthy activities that the idea of having empty hands was striking.

Over the past several weeks I’d had an image come to my mind, seemingly randomly, of my own hands extended toward Heaven, wrist to wrist, fingers spread wide and palms up – almost a surrender.  I believe God was preparing me to hear that message:  come to Him with empty hands.

When you wake from a dream and try to explain it to someone else, it sometimes sounds strange.  This may be a case of the same sort; but for me. . . I know what it meant and I challenge you to approach the new year listening for His voice, waiting for confirmation from above of His will for you, celebrating when you’ve received from Him, bringing Him everything that you have – which is nothing – in your beautifully empty hands.