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Just as by the end of the first hour of the first day of school each fall I feel as if summer is already a distant memory, I feel as if in these four days without Facebook my life is already beginning to take on a new and more pleasing shape.  I’m less anxious, less obsessive, less compulsive; I’m more tranquil, more interested, more focused.

Why do the lessons we take so long to learn about ourselves and about life get snatched away from us so easily?  Why are we so readily tempted to compromise a standard we have at last found that is helpful to our own peace of mind and good health?  Why do I hesitate to say, “I promise”, even to myself, that I will never, never, never again fall into those same traps?  (They wear different names, but they’re the same and I know enough to recognize them when I see them!)  Fear of failure, I suppose.  Perhaps, if I just whisper it. . .