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I did it!  I deactivated my Facebook account!  I found I was spending more and more time there and feeling less and less satisfied with my life.  What a shame.  This was the second complete day for me and I have to admit to feeling a vague sense of disconnectedness this afternoon; however, I am certain I did the right thing.  I’ve finished reading a book, learned some new things that are valuable to me, discovered a new exercise routine that I think I’m really going to like, and had better conversations with my husband.  I feel more focused and in-the-moment, more aware of what’s going on around me.  How silly to get sucked into a virtual world at the expense of the real one!  It happens so slowly, too.  I am coming back to life after being away too long.  Oh, I don’t blame it all on FB (after all, I was the one calling up the page so often).  There’s just something about being online that takes the joy out of actual living for me.  My credo is “keep it real”:  real time, real people, real conversation, real world, real food, real books, real music, real life.