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I’ve often thought there are simply too many choices in life.  On the surface, it seems like a very good thing.  Lots of options, plenty of room for individual preferences and creativity.  Then, I realized, while standing on the aisle of hair care products, that there is really such a thing as too many choices.  Such has my dilemma been.  Not with hair care products, but with writing.  I get excited about a new project.  If you’re not excited, why begin?  I may even get going on it.  In some cases, I’ve gone quite a way with an idea before that sad moment when I realize it isn’t going to work.  Sometimes I realize why.  Other times I’m stymied by the reason I have simply lost the will to pursue that particular objective.  It’s all part of the dance, though.  How many words strung together in sentences and hooked together in paragraphs have I thought brilliant one day and rubbish the next?  I’m buried in the litter of my craft.  It’s time, once again, to pick a direction and go.  Maybe this time I will reach the end happily.