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Four hands holding.

Four hands holding. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes you just have to believe that people, given enough information, will do the right thing. That their actions, though hurtful, were done in ignorance and that they, when they gain understanding, will do the right thing in the end. I get weary of the talk of how bad the world is, how far down we have fallen. Yes, I believe that sin abounds, but I still see plenty of good, too. Maybe I see it because I’m looking for it?  Maybe I’m living in a fool’s paradise?  But, it keeps me hopeful, keeps me strong, and makes me grateful.  I’m happy to be on this journey through eternity in the company of all kinds of strange, wonderful, and wise people who know so much more than I do about so many things; who do not know some of the things I know, but are willing to hear and share the experience; who believe in justice and integrity, in dignity and in overcoming evil with good; who spend their lives to the last breath trying to make good happen for someone else.  Oh, yes, it is a wonderful world – if you choose to believe it.