A picture of a Lutheran pastor elevating the E...

A picture of a Lutheran pastor elevating the Eucharistic Host. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My coworker, who is Lutheran, was telling me about their Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services and I have to say I felt a little jealous of what she described.  I did not grow up in a church that recognized either Easter or Christmas as so-called religious holidays.  As an adult I have reveled in the celebrations!  However, I’ve never been around “high church” with liturgy, vestments, and ceremony.  I think I would like to be a part of that.  Say what you will about things becoming meaningless with repetition or about hollow rituals, but do we ever tire of military and other patriotic rites?  Drugery or routine is in the heart of the dull.  I am looking forward to our own Good Friday services tonight, of course.  Next year, perhaps I’ll join the Lutherans just to see.  Garrison Keillor says we’ll all be Lutheran someday anyway.  Happy Easter weekend and may your heart and mind focus on what it really means however you celebrate.