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Yoga at Wellspring Vancouver

Yoga at Wellspring Vancouver (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s been a strange school year, but I’m getting back in step now.  Though the year has been very good in many, many ways and I’ve found a lot of satisfaction in my work, I’ve also overextended myself in some areas (as I’m prone to do).  It’s a lesson I think I should have learned many times over by now:  I need to create quiet spaces for thought and introspection as well as maintain a sense of rhythm and balance in my days.  I just don’t function well otherwise.  I fell off the wagon after suffering a huge disappointment that me sent me scrambling to replace what I’d lost with something else of value.  I volunteered for a job that I should have realized was more than I could expect to do and keep myself centered.  I told myself it was a challenge and challenges are okay.  This is true.  Challenges are good when done the right way.  But, I immediately added pressure to myself to keep up with the pace I’d set in other areas of my life and the result was miserable failure upon miserable failure topped with a helping of guilt and anxiety.  Okay, I didn’t really fail anything except myself.  Let me explain.  All of this was self-imposed.  Every scrap.  In retrospect, it was like I had to prove to myself yet again that what I’d finally come to understand about me, what I’d fought for, what I’d declared, what had seemingly cost me the respect of others who did not understand or care to understand my choices was actually worth fighting for.  It is.  Oh, boy, it is.  So, I’m getting back in step.  And, about time, too.