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I feel alone with my tags sometimes.  Okay, most of the time.  I share many descriptors with other people, it’s true.  However, my feelings of disconnectedness come because the two I claim most fervently are not generally to be found together in most profiles.  Christian.  Vegan.  I was always taught to be ready with an answer for my faith.  I am ready.  I am a vegan and so have a ready answer for my reasons for choosing that cruelty-free, compassion-bound lifestyle as well.  But, no one ever asks me to explain my choice, or if they do, they only offer me a multiple choice response:  a) health, or b) ethics.  It seems like no one ever tells either.  It’s almost like you can’t be both, or if you are, you’d better keep it under wraps around both groups.  So, I’m reaching out today, this Lord’s Day, to all my Christian brothers and sisters worldwide who also embrace a vegan lifestyle – not for health reasons alone, but as an expression of their belief in God and their joy in His creation.  Please, explain your tags here.  Let’s give voice to our beliefs and share our stories. They’re important even though most don’t want to hear it.  And, it’s so important to have community.  Tag!  You’re it!