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English: Toy balloons Русский: Воздушные шарики

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Today was such a wild ride!  Yesterday evening I sat down and sent out queries.  I was fully expecting to wait 6-8 weeks for any kind of response, so I set my mind to new projects.  Shortly after the bell rang to begin first block, I had an email from one of the agents requesting the full manuscript!  Now, for those of you who still think libraries are quiet places, you’re wrong.  There was such a swirl of activity and noise around me when this happened that I couldn’t think straight.  I wanted to jump up and shout (which, given the noise level of three classes of high school students in one big room at the same time would have gone unnoticed), but instead I jumped up to check out a stack of books, collect an overdue fine, help a student on learn Windows 7, and make a few identifcation badges.  Now I’m home.  The manuscript has been sent.  I’m absolutely stunned by this turn of events.  Do you mind if I give a shout?  HEY, EVERYONE!  AN AGENT REQUESTED MY MANUSCRIPT TODAY!  WOO-HOO, ZIPPITY DO-DA, AND HUZZAH!  Thanks.  I feel much better now.