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Thanks to the well-wishers, the prayerful, the cheerleaders, and the comment-makers who helped me get through this day!  It was wonderful and reminded me that even though I am not an OUT THERE sort of person, it’s worth pushing past the introversion once in a while to connect with people.  Smiles, hugs, conversation, curiosity – all that good stuff life is made of – came my way today and I’m grateful (if tired and reminded of why I don’t wear heels).

Having said that, I’m going to have a cup of hot tea and revel in the comforts of my quiet home now.  I think I gained some inspiration today.  I want to soak in it like a hot bubble bath and then, perhaps even tomorrow, get started sharing it back with those who make me glad to do it.

(Special thanks to the SWRASL member whose kind remarks about Welcome to Joe’s refreshed my spirit.  You gave me a gift today.)