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When I wrote Love Under a Dark Sky, I thought I was being brave by making my romantic hero a vegetarian.  I still love him.  I think Daniel Arbeitman is great, even if I did create him myself.

My latest endeavor is not a romance.  It’s a serious novel that takes on a very important issue:  animal rights.  I’m working so hard to do justice to the cause and convey some small sense of the urgency I feel about it.    In the meantime, as I work away, I have stopped to think about Daniel and to wonder how many more of him there are out there?  Vegetarian or vegan heroes in books?

I recently discovered a title by a new fiction author, J. E. Fishman. The book is Primacy and I am anxious to read it.  What are some novels you’ve read in which the authors have paid homage to vegetarian or vegan lifestyles through their characters or even tackled the animal rights issue?