Usually I try to keep my life as an educator and librarian separated from my personal and author blog; however, this is too good to let go un-reblogged.


At the start of the second semester this year, I declared my classes free of paper.  I vowed to stop the paper onslaught that has long cast a shadow over my otherwise sunny career as Mrs. Tricia Buck, English Teacher Extraordinaire.  I had thought often about going the paperless route, I was just waiting for the right time to make it happen.  As the second semester approached, bringing with it an entirely new set of classes, students and opportunities, I finally decided the time was as right as it was ever going to be and all I had to do was say the word. When the kids came to class on the first day they were greeted with one of the only sheets of paper they would get all semester–my trademark invitation to class–and I said the word:  “paperless!”


When I share the fact of my…

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