We had settled on our Minnesota trip again.  We were ready to book a house.  We’ve been watching our photos from vacations past go by on the screensaver and dreaming of our next North Shore adventure.  We were too hasty.

It seems there are simply no rental properties available in Two Harbors anymore.  At least not those that accept pets (and I’m not a-going anywhere without my sweet Natalie).  Last year we went to Lutsen.  We stayed in a gorgeous cabin right on Superior.  We missed our little town, though.  Enough so that we decided we’d have to seriously consider whether to keep up the trip if we couldn’t be where we really wanted to be in future years.  It’s looking like this will be the year we’ll have to reconsider.

It could be exciting.  We could discover another treasured town just like we did  five years ago.  Still, it’s a bit sad to have to say goodbye to something so wonderful and so familiar, to trade it in for something new.

Lighthouse Point, Two Harbors, Minnesota