November.  Along with April it is a great transition month in Missouri.  In November, I hope my mums look decent through Thanksgiving day and then I want Christmas.  I’m kind of an all or nothing girl about some things.  Okay, a lot of things.  I pull up perfectly healthy summer flowers mid-September because I want fall.  I don’t want to see a pumpkin on a porch after Thanksgiving.  And, please don’t leave your Christmas lights up after Christmas.  At least have them down by January 2nd!

Seasonally speaking, I like black and white in my life as well.  I have a hard time dealing with those in-between times when there’s just ordinary life going on.  When I’m just busy enough to think that maybe I’m not busy enough or when I have just enough to do to make me think that maybe I don’t have enough to do.  I think I’d rather the slight discomfort of a little pressure, a little challenge.  Not too much, Goldilocks, but just right.