Ozarks Romance Authors graciously invited me to speak at their monthly gathering.  Today was the big day!  I really sweat it, too, in preparing.  I knew I wanted to talk about the editorial process, because that was the most unexpected and absolutely fascinating part of being published for me; however, since I’ve been out of the classroom for just over three years now, my public speaking time has been far less frequent.  I was scared I’d lost my ability to prepare a time-bound talk.  I was terrified that I’d be terrified in front of an audience again.

Thankfully, the ORA faces were friendly, their hospitality was limitless, and they made me believe I did a good job.  I enjoyed sharing what I’d learned from my fabulous Avalon editors and I enjoyed the Q&A session immensely!

Thanks, ORA, for getting me back in the public speaking saddle again!