It’s the weekend.  Time for some casual, easy-going fun.  It started with a great Falcon football game on the home field last night under an absolutely striking sky.  We watched the team win under a pretty moon rise.  Even pulled on a jacket in the 4th quarter.

This morning started with baking a loaf of oat bread and then devouring a thick slice still warm from the oven with butter and pumpkin butter slathered on top. Topped it off with a stroll around the block.

Today I’ll flea market with my mother after a tea room lunch.  Maybe buy a new runner for the table.  Perhaps do some yoga later?  Read.  Write.  It’s all good.

Sunday is for worship.  We plan to go buy a new screen door and plant some mums in the afternoon.  In the evening we’ll attend a carillon concert and listen to a cascading Taps around campus in memory of 9/11 and pray for our country.

I’m thinking September is starting off well.